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How to save SVG files

  • To save SVG from a website:
    • Copy the SVG code snippet, and paste it into a new HTML page.
    • Save the HTML page as (for example) \”logo. html\”, and then open that HTML page in Chrome, hitting > File > Print > \”Save as pdf\”
    • This PDF can now be opened in Illustrator – extracting the vector element.
  • To save SVG files from Illustrator:
    • Choose File > Export > SVG (svg)
    • Check Use Artboards if you\’d like to export the contents of your artboards as individual SVG files.
    • Click Export to open the SVG Options dialogue.
  • To save SVG files with Photoshop:
    • Click File and choose Open.
    • Find the SVG file and choose Open.
    • In the Rasterize SVG Format window, choose the size that you want the image to be converted to and click OK.
    • Make any additional changes you like to the graphic.
    • Choose File, then Export, and then Export As.
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