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What are SVG files

1. What are SVG files?

An SVG file, short for scalable vector graphic file, is a standard graphics file type used for rendering two-dimensional images on the internet. The only difference here is that these files can be extended to any dimension of your choice without pixelating the image or disturbing the resolution.

2. What are SVG files used for?

SVG files work best for images that contain less details than a photograph. Some of the most common uses of SVGs online are:

  • Icons
  • Logos
  • Illustrations
  • Animations and Interface Elements

3. How to save SVG files?

  • To save SVG from a website:
    • Copy the SVG code snippet, and paste it into a new HTML page.
    • Save the HTML page as (for example) “logo. html”, and then open that HTML page in Chrome, hitting > File > Print > “Save as pdf”
    • This PDF can now be opened in Illustrator – extracting the vector element.
  • To save SVG files from Illustrator:
    • Choose File > Export > SVG (svg)
    • Check Use Artboards if you'd like to export the contents of your artboards as individual SVG files.
    • Click Export to open the SVG Options dialogue.
  • To save SVG files with Photoshop:
    • Click File and choose Open.
    • Find the SVG file and choose Open.
    • In the Rasterize SVG Format window, choose the size that you want the image to be converted to and click OK.
    • Make any additional changes you like to the graphic.
    • Choose File, then Export, and then Export As.

4. How to download SVG files?

When you order an SVG from TheHungryJPEG, you may download it as many times as you like by logging into your account on TheHungryJPEG.com and locating the Purchases icon.

5. How to view SVG files?

Whether you're on a Mac or Windows, just launch your browser and click on File > Open to choose the file you want to view. It'll then be displayed in your browser.

6. Can you print an SVG file on a regular printer?

Yes, SVG files can be printed using a regular printer.

7. Are all SVG files editable?

Yes, our SVG files can be edited using Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape, or CorelDRAW, just like any other vector file. Additionally, SVG files are unique because they can also be edited with text editors and code editors.

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