7 reasons to start a business part time

7 Reasons Why You Should Start a Business Part-Time

7 Reasons Why You Should
Start a Business Part-Time

If you're an aspiring entrepreneur waiting to start your own small business or side hustle part-time, we'll give you 7 reasons why you should quit waiting.

1. Time and Money

By starting as a part-time business, your investment both in finance and time will naturally be small thus minimizing the risk involved.

2. Steady Income

While in the process of establishing your Home Based Business, you still have to settle your monthly bills. It is the full-time job that can help you tide over this situation especially during the early months of your part-time business.

3. Security

Your full-time job will provide security while you explore your part-time venture by trial and error, thus allowing you to do it with full confidence.

4. Business Skills

You can learn business skills, acquire business knowledge and grow gradually at your own pace.

5. Health Insurance

By holding on to your full-time job you can continue to enjoy the benefits of health insurance, leave and other benefits till you establish yourself in your part-time business.

6. Financial Benefits

It is much easier to obtain bank loans, credit card facilities and other financial benefits for your business while you are in employment.

7. Experience

Quitting your full-time job too quick could end up in chaos and disaster unless you have very strong support from experienced entrepreneurs.


The reason that many people don't follow their dreams and venture out into their own business is the fear of not having financial security. If you pay attention to the story of how many entrepreneurs got started, they often say that they only stepped out on a limb because they were fired, laid off or just fed up working a 9-5. Basically, forced into the situation. Don't wait until that happens to you, take control of your own life by taking the necessary steps to work towards your business goals today!

Remember what your true passion is. “If you love the work you do, then it won't feel like work”. Go after what you really want in life now, because the reality is, nothing is secure, companies change and so do people. There is one thing you can guarantee, and that's your happiness by making a choice to do what pleases you. Ask yourself, are you doing what you love, and if not, why aren't you doing something about it?

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