How to Make Money Affiliate Marketing In Your Sleep

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What is Affiliate Marketing
How to Choose Products
How to Find Affiliate Programs
Using a Personal Website
Product Reviews
Start a Niche Blog
Article Marketing
Offer Special Bonus
Giveaway Free Advice
Build Your Email List
Create Promotional Material
The Click Bank Advantage
Affiliate Marketing Summary Checklist

What is Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has always been one of the most used methods of making passive income in your sleep. As you prepare to earn residual income for 2021, this extensive guide will give you all the information you need to get started with Affiliate Marketing.

For anyone who is just starting out, there’s no faster or easier approach of creating income. For anybody who already runs their own online business, selling other people's products can cause an amazing increase to the income they’re already receiving.

The primary attraction of affiliate marketing comes from the truth that the sole job the affiliate must perform is promote whatever product or service they consider has the most sales potential. The owner of the product or service does everything else such as handle shipping, returns, and customer support.

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In theory, it's not a requirement to have your own website in order to earn money as an affiliate. You can just promote your affiliate link and send prospective buyers to the owner’s sales page.

Obviously, the apparent drawback is that virtually every other affiliate will probably do the exact same thing. If all you’re doing is directing targeted traffic through your affiliate sales link, you’ll be competing with innumerable other people that are promoting exactly the same product on an equal degree.

The single means to break out from the pack will be to market and promote the affiliate product in a fashion that is more intelligent and aggressive.

Those people who are described as “ super” affiliates, make a fantastic deal of money selling other people's products. That’s because they market and promote them in the exact same manner they would their own products.

They create a page on their own website, despite the fact that there’s a sales page related to each one of the affiliate products. The reason to create your own page is to pre-sell the item and to capture prospect e-mails before sending them to the affiliate owner's sales page. This method will give you plenty of leverage to follow-up with the prospect and to present other related affiliate offers to them.

They also use pay-per click marketing to gain targeted prospects. They understand that as a way to earn money, they have to spend cash.

Needless to say, most of them have become masters of pay per click. They understand the best way to attract the appropriate prospects, and just how much to bid on keywords.

And since they’ve learned the way to play the game so nicely, they most frequently generate a great deal more income than if they had only used free promotion procedures.

Others methods to attract buyers include…

  • Writing product reviews and personal endorsements, recommendations, and testimonials.
  • Run a niche blogs that's directly associated with the products they’re promoting.
  • Writing and distributing articles that include information that’s related to individual products (which includes their affiliate link).
  • Offering a special bonus that is only available if the product is purchased through the affiliate’s own sales link.
  • Giving away free tips and information, either on their website or distributed through eBooks or autoresponder messages.
  • Capturing prospects names and email addresses for future contact and ongoing follow-up.
  • Using their own marketing and promotional materials.

Although every one of the approaches are both powerful and invaluable, the last one is extremely important…

The super affiliate is developing their own unique and initial sales content while every other affiliate is simply copying and pasting solo ads that whoever owns the merchandise has made available.

Instead of delivering they are able to put their own personal spin onto it. That means they could make the offer look more appealing more valuable, and original. And of course, they will ultimately create more sales.

But that’s not all they do…

Additionally they ensure their success by doing their due diligence on each product they promote to check the quality. As opposed to jumping on every product or service that comes their way, they carefully pick and choose ones they’re confident can be marketed and promoted efficiently.

There are fundamental components that'll help anyone choose the finest products, although a particular amount of instinct and previous experience works nicely in that aspect.

This includes…

  • determining the level of demand and interest
  • evaluating if the sales page is really capable of converting the prospects you send there into buyers
  • verifying worth and the overall quality of the product
  • having adequate information about the product to promote it efficiently

Super affiliates do not get their status overnight. They work hard at the things they do and put in whatever time and effort is essential in order to outsell everyone else in their affiliate arena.

And the ultimate reward? A substantial income that be generated over and over again, month after month and year after year, for so long as they wish to keep marketing and promoting affiliate products.

How To Choose The Right Products

It can be really tough choosing which products have the most potential when you consider all the products and software that are capable of creating affiliate income.

More often than not, you won't until you actually begin promoting any given product, know for certain. However there are variables which will help diminish the risk of choosing products that have little or no potential.

1. How good is the product sales page? You will need to decide just how much work it'll take in your part to override that one drawback, if it doesn't seem as though it can convert visitors into buyers. You then need to decide if it's worth the additional effort you'll invest.

2.First and foremost, you need to establish if there's even a feasible demand for a product. If the product is wanted by folks, besides deciding, you need to figure out when you can easily reach that target audience and what kind of men and women would be interested.

Overall, you need to choose whether the site will help or hinder your power to make sales. Go along with your instincts.

3. By marketing the merchandise are you able to make enough gain? Some owners reward their affiliates by giving them generous commissions while a rather small percent is merely offered by others. For the large part, those differences are associated with two quite special classes… physical as well as digital products.

For instance, you can generally make at least 50% commission selling software products and eBooks. With physical items like vitamins, print publications, and pet products, an affiliate commission could be comparatively low (on average, somewhere between 5% and 10%).

It also depends upon the price of the item, though the percent is significant. Even a minimal 10% fee will gain you $200 for each deal that you make if you're selling an exercise machine that retails for $2000.

On the other hand, if you're an affiliate for Amazon (, you'll be dealing with things that most often carry a very low sales price. In order to obtain any substantial level of income, you'll need to transfer a really large volume of products.

4. The quality of the item is really important. If you don't feel assured about how well it performs or how good it is, it's going to be challenging that you start a successful promotional effort, much less maintain it over a prolonged period of time.

5. You need to have the capability to track and monitor everything related to your affiliate activities. That might include things such as the number of running sales, and visitors you send to every sales page, how lots of these actually formed a purchase and refund data.

Be sure that one can try this, either through this system or using your own independent tracking device. This will definitely keep you abreast of each product's functionality, enabling you to discover which campaigns dropped completely, improved, or must be tweaked.

Finding Affiliate Programs

You can find there are only three fundamental methods for finding good affiliate programs …

1. Searches based on a unique niche market.

2. Sign up to utilize the services of an affiliate marketing network.

3. Search through the types of affiliate program directories.

It's unquestionably that the primary choice will demand a significant amount of time. Assuming, naturally, you've finished all the necessary preliminary work which would ensure a positive outcome.

That could include things like deciding your precise target audience, picking keywords that are highly relevant and particular, and establishing what standards would constitute a fair and fair affiliate program.

The search itself would be conducted in two stages…

The first phase would include the keywords. You'd first have to pick a list of search phrases that are highly pertinent to the product. Then you would conduct investigations using every one of those key words. This will definitely lead one to their products and niche markets.

The second period would include any given key word plus the term affiliate. As an example, “blog training affiliate” or affiliate blog training that is ” “. What this will usually turn up is either an affiliate program for products that are related with a content site that is an affiliate or that particular key word.

Either way, it allows for additional action with respect to becoming an affiliate for a particular key word or product market.

Using the second option, you simply open a main account with all the affiliate network which entitles you to market some of the products that are contained within their listings.

Affiliate networks are an incredible time saver, although these networks might not always be as capable of giving you precise matches from what you're looking for.

Affiliate marketing websites like Commission Junction ( ) and Click Bank ( ) make it extremely easy to locate good affiliate programs. And generally, for products and services that are highly compatible with the niche or target audience you’ll be reaching.

Be aware, however, that only Commission Junction offers all ranges of products, services, and programs – both digital and tangible.

ClickBank, on the other hand, only handles digital products such as eBooks and software programs. If it can’t be downloaded or delivered electronically, you won’t find it in the ClickBank Marketplace
( ).

The third option allows you to search for affiliate programs by category, just like you can with networks such as Commission Junction and ClickBank. The only difference is, you’ll be signing up for any of the programs you choose independently (through the product owner‘s affiliate process). All the directory does is provide a convenient method for locating affiliate programs. The rest is up to you.

Popular Affiliate Directories

JVZoo Affiliate Marketplace

Associate Programs

If you need more resources, simply conduct a search using the term “affiliate program directory”.

Outselling Other Affiliates

Being forced to compete with hundreds if not tens of thousands of other affiliates will make the job of creating income tremendously hard. As well as the sole solution to fight all that competition would be to develop techniques and strategies that'll get you stick out in the group.

Here are a number of methods you'll be able to do that…

1. Use Your Personal Website

Get one in the event that you do not currently own a web site. For those who own a web site that is not setup to market other people's services and products, create a new site that does.

There are clear advantages to getting a website even though it is highly possible to market affiliate products with no site.

The main benefit is the truth that you can pre-sell the goods. As an alternative to send prospects that are “cold”, your website will help turn them into warm prospects by providing them with additional information to help make the purchase.

With some products you can merely write an enthusiastic and favorable review, telling them the benefit that they'll receive if they put it to use and how wonderful the product is.

With other goods, you should give them a condensed sales pitch which includes a typical issue (inferior performance on the golf course) along with the best remedy (a ground-breaking new club which is guaranteed to enhance their score).

2. Write Recommendations And Products Reviews

Do you notice how TV advertisements that have celebrities marketing products become extremely popular? If so and so drinks that beverage, or drives that car, or wears those jeans, then they must be worth purchasing. At least that's the perception that many fall for.

You may not be a celebrity, but your individual recommendation will go quite a distance when determining how good your affiliate product is.

When promoting, use info from the affiliate owner's sales page to list advantages and any other information that you have thought of. Give the potential buyers a strong motive to click around to the product's web site.

Executing the typical sales strategy is good. But one that will easily and quickly boost the conversion rate, the best approach, is you singing the praises of whatever product you're marketing.

3. Run A Niche Blog

There’s no better method for promoting products than a niche blog. Naturally, you can do the same thing in an e-newsletter, but that only gets read by people already subscribed to your mailing list.

With a niche blog, you can reach an unlimited number of people who would be interested in the type of products you’re promoting.

Of course, you can’t simply use the niche blog to sell things. You have to provide valuable and useful content, something that will not only make people listen, but will have them returning on a regular basis.

The easiest content – at least for anyone who relies on affiliate sales – is simply to provide product reviews. If, for example, you promote various dog products and training e-books, you could create a blog for that particular niche and then include in-depth reports about different aspects of individual dog products.

You could also provide tips and advice with regard to using any of the products. Or you could provide ideas on how the products can best be utilized. You could even ask readers to offer their own opinions and recommendations.

In most instances, these types of postings will spur comments from viewers, which in turn will spur comments from other viewers. And of course, the more comments that get posted, the more interest will be generated overall.

You can use blog software or you can simply sign up with one of the free online blog services. The most popular one is Blogger and WordPress, located at and

4. Write Article Posts

There’s no better way to get personal recognition than writing and distributing your own articles. And once you establish recognition, all of your product endorsements will be taken even more seriously.

When it comes to choosing topics for your articles, always pick something that is directly related to at least one of the products you’re promoting. That way you can recommend the product and include your affiliate link right there within the article.

And make certain you take full advantage of the author’s resource box…

If you have a primary sales website, where you promote affiliate products, include that link. If you have a blog where you review products, include that link as well. Or, if you have a newsletter and would prefer to solicit more subscribers, direct readers to the page that gives them all the necessary publication and signup information.

Once you’ve written articles, you need to submit them to as many online directories as you can. And always let people know that your articles are free to re-publish as long as no changes are made and the resource box is included.

Ezine Posts

Go Articles

5. Offer a Unique Special Bonus

This is definitely the most efficient way of outselling other affiliates. Essentially, you improve the owner's first product bundle by throwing in still another product (or products) at no additional price.

Needless to say, exceptional and the more precious the bonus, the higher the chance of making more sales as opposed to next man. The sole other standards is that whatever bonus you decide on, it must be directly associated with the product.

Although you could certainly offer a tangible item, the least troublesome bonus would be something digital. That way, you don’t have to worry about physically delivering it to the buyer.

For instance, in the event the merchandise you're selling is that ground-breaking new baseball club, you can make an eBook that includes suggestions on how their swing can enhance.

The point is, you want a bonus that the buyer can simply download once they’ve made the initial product purchase. That automatically reduces the amount of work involved in delivering the bonus.

Naturally, the quantity of money plus time you invest in creating the electronic bonus depends on how much cash you obtain as an affiliate for every single deal.

Just keep in mind that you’ll only have the cost of creating a digital bonus once. But the value of offering prospective buyers a special bonus could easily bring in substantial income for a considerably long period of time.

And make certain you clearly announce that the bonus can only be acquired if they make their purchase through your affiliate link. If they get the product anywhere else, under any conditions other than yours, they won’t receive the bonus you‘re offering.

6. Give Away Free Ideas And Advice

Rather than dismiss all those viewers who take a look at your offer but don’t purchase right away, you should offer them free tips and information. Naturally, the content will be directly related to the products you’re promoting.

You can place that content on your website but you also need to provide methods in which the viewer will have the information available on their own computer.

For example…

  • Put together a downloadable list of frequently asked questions regarding the product and how to use it.
  • Create an ebook that includes ideas for gaining the full potential of a product or service.
  • Develop an autoresponder instruction, how-to, or general information ecourse that will be delivered over a period of subsequent days or weeks.

In each instance that you deliver advice, tips, or information, make certain you also include specific details about the product it‘s associated with. And of course, you’ll need to include your personal affiliate link as well.

7. Build Your E-mail List

One of the major downfalls of being an affiliate is the fact that you usually don't have an opportunity to capture the names and email addresses of people who purchase through your affiliate link.

Plus, you’re going to attract plenty of targeted individuals who just aren’t ready to purchase during their first exposure to your offer.

You need to do whatever it takes to encourage prospects to sign up for your mailing list. If you create an autoresponder e-course (and use a qualified autoresponder service such as (Aweber), you’ll automatically receive names and email addresses. But what about any free downloads such as e-books or reports that you’re giving away?

Instead of merely letting viewers take them anonymously, have them fill out and submit a form first. That way, they get the free information, you get their name and email address.

Now you can contact them over an extended period of time, continuing to give them valuable tips and information regarding the product or type of products they were initially interested in. Just don’t abuse the privilege by sending them promotional messages and nothing else.

Your ultimate goal is to sell something but in order to move your mailing list members into a buying position you first need to establish a relationship of trust and respect. That will be accomplished by supplying them with valuable information while at the same time letting them know the benefits the product will provide.

8. Create Your Own Ads and Promotional Material

Most affiliates rely on promotional materials that are supplied by the owner of the product. That would include things like solo and classified ads, banners, pre-written sales copy, and cover and product images.

Although it might be quality material, the fact that so many other affiliates will be using it will automatically dilute the impact and effectiveness.

You can get much better results by writing your own ads, writing fresh sales copy, and creating new banners and images. The primary purpose is to have something different than any of the other affiliates. But it’s also possible that what you create is superior to the original marketing materials.

Overall, it’s simply a matter of doing something different and unique. And doing it better and more aggressively than anyone else.

If you don't have experience creating ads then use to create image ads or outsource the job to a freelancer.

The Click Bank Advantage

When you join Click Bank (for free), you'll have your very own ID which then is likely to be contained in virtually any of your merchandise affiliate links.

As an example, the merchandise owner's ID is “yourID” and also if your ClickBank ID is “xxxxx”, your affiliate URL address would be…

To find products that fit your niche market or target audience, all you need to do is visit the ClickBank Marketplace when you first get to the website, click on “Earn Commissions”.

The marketplace divides the products into main categories…

Clicking on any of the group links will let you drill down even further. For example, if you click on Health & Fitness, you'll receive a set of sub-groups that include Mental Health, and Dependence, Fitness, Beauty, Nutrition, Diet, Medicine.

The first ten listings in each class are the top affiliate earners. This enables you to see in a glance which products are making the most amount of cash because of their affiliates. But that doesn't mean that you should select any one of the top ten.

Sometimes it’s much more productive to go with one of the lower listings and then make it a top earner for you personally. For one thing, you won’t have as much competition. Secondly, it will force you to get a bit more creative with your marketing and promotion.

Of course, the basic product selection criteria still applies here. With any product you’re considering, for example, you still need to click over to their sales page and establish how good it will be in converting prospects to buyers.

Aside from evaluating the sales copy, you also need to make certain that the sales process doesn’t sabotage your own efforts. Things like…

  • Allowing people to purchase through alternative methods which would bypass or exclude your ClickBank affiliate link.
  • Selling various non-related products on the same page.
  • Products are being sold on the same page but the link doesn’t give credit to your ClickBank affiliate ID.
  • Names and email addresses are being captured by the owner for future follow-up which could rob you of your rightful affiliate commission.

Overall, you would like to determine a fine clean sales page that is concentrated on the one ClickBank merchandise you're promoting and nothing else.

Once you've selected the “right” products, you'll need to start advertising and promotion. And since there's no profitable and more successful approach than using pay per click, the best money making mix is Google AdWords advertising, Facebook Ads and ClickBank affiliate products.

The power of AdWords and Facebook Ads is undeniable. It allows you the power to…

  • advertise directly to highly targeted audiences
  • display your ad almost immediately
  • start bringing in money almost immediately
  • keep accurate and highly advanced ad statistics

Naturally, the success of your paid advertising campaigns will probably be reliant almost entirely on the strength of the keywords you've picked.

Bear in mind that the successful convention would be to select keywords that are broadly sought for but have little or no competition. Use google's free keyword planner tool to research high search low competition keywords. (

With the keyword planner you'll have an all-inclusive record of search terms which can be related to any key word you input. You'll also know exactly how many searches were conducted on all those phrases.

Affiliate Marketing Checklist

  • For anyone there's no simpler or faster method of generating income than affiliate marketing.
  • For anyone who runs their own online business, selling other people's products can cause a substantial boost to their existing income.
  • Super affiliates use pay per click as their primary way of advertisements (they understand they have to invest cash as a way to generate money).
  • While other affiliates are merely copying and pasting advertising that the owner of the product has made available, superb affiliates are developing their own unique and first sales content.
  • Rather than jump on each product, and service that comes their way, superb affiliates carefully pick and choose ones they're assured might be marketed and promoted effectively.
  • When selecting an item, you have to establish whether there's a demand that is viable. Chances are the common spectator won't either If you don't feel comfortable with a product's site, sales copy, or arrangement process.
  • If you don't feel confident about the excellence of a product, it's going to be difficult for you to establish a fruitful promotional effort.
  • You need to own the ability to track and monitor everything related to your affiliate activities.
  • To find good affiliate programs you search through the types of affiliate program directories, sign up to use the professional services of an affiliate marketing network, or can run searches based on a specific niche market.
  • Affiliate marketing websites like JVZoo, ClickBank and Commission Junction make it quite simple to locate good affiliate programs – products which might be highly compatible along with your market or target-audience.
  • Commission Junction offers all varieties of goods, services, and software – both digital and real.
  • ClickBank merely manages digital goods including ebooks and software applications.
  • Use your own website to market and pre-sell your affiliate products.
  • One of the most truly effective approaches would be to write recommendations and personal product reviews.
  • With a niche blog site you can reach an infinite amount of people who would want to consider the type of products you're promoting.
  • There ‘s no better strategy to get personal recognition than distributing and composing your own article posts.
  • One of the very best means of outselling other affiliates would be to enhance the owner's first product bundle with yet another product (bonus) at no extra cost.
  • Deliver information, tips, and guidance together with specific details in regards to your affiliate link and the associated product.
  • Encourage audiences to register for your mailing list so you can get in touch with them over a prolonged time frame, continuing to give them valuable ideas and data concerning the product.
  • You can achieve far better results by writing your personal advertisements, composing sales copy that is unique, and creating new banners and pictures.
  • The primary advantage of ClickBank – aside in the very fact that's a virtual gold mine for affiliates – is the inherent simplicity of executing and using it.
  • Since there's no more effective and lucrative advertising strategy than using pay per click, the best money making mix is AdWords and ClickBank.

If you're serious about making passive in your sleep, then we highly recommend that you invest in our full Step-By-Step training on how to become an “Affiliate Authority” check out our e-book Affiliate Authority to get started today. Click Here To Get Started

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